'If he didn't do it, deny it!': Shep Smith slams Spicer for ducking questions about Kushner's Russia call
Fox News host Shepard Smith slams Donald Trump on Sept. 8, 2016. (YouTube)

Fox News host Shep Smith blistered white House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Tuesday afternoon for refusing to put the Jbombshell ared Kushner contacts with the Russia story to rest.

Speaking with Politico report Josh Gerstein, Smith pointed out the obvious: that Spicer still hasn't denied reports that Kushner held inappropriate meetings with Russians.

"Remember how they found out about it in the first place," Smith asked. "Yeah a leak, But how? Here's how they found out -- they were monitoring the Russians. While they are monitoring the Russians, as the story goes, all of a sudden there's Jared Kushner. There they are discussing a backchannel that doesn't involve the United States equipment but Russian equipment."

"If that didn't happen, if Jared Kushner wasn't trying to hide things from the United States, then why would he do that?" he continued. "If he didn't do that, please deny it so we can move on. That opportunity was given today in the White House press briefing."

Watch the video below via Fox News: