'Like watching grandpa do the Electric Slide at a wedding': Seth Meyers mocks Trump's klutzy Saudi sword dance
Late Night host Seth Meyers -- screenshot

President Donald Trump had a bust weekend in Saudi Arabia -- curtsying for the Saudi king, dancing with a sword, touching a mysterious glowing orb -- therefore "Late Show" host Seth Meyers had wealth of material to work with.

Noting that Trump headed overseas as another rash of White House controversies exploded in the U.S. -- with Meyers suggesting puckishly, "That dude is not coming back" -- the late night comedian focused on the sword dance in particular.

After mentioning the gold medal given to Trump -- that occasioned the now-famous #TrumpCurtsy -- Meyers pointed out that the president was also given a sword.

'The Saudis even gave Trump a sword," Meyers explained, "as part of an elaborate ceremony with which Trump participated in a traditional Saudi sword-dance -- and he looked very uncomfortable."

Meyers then showed a clip of Trump awkwardly bobbing off the beat with fellow sword dancers.

"It's like watching your grandpa do the Electric Slide at a wedding -- but with a deadly weapon," Meyers said by way of a dead-on description.

Watch the video below via YouTube: