Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) suggested on Sunday that former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had a responsibility because of her gender to "model graciousness" after losing to President Donald Trump.

During a panel discussion on CNN, host Jake Tapper asked Blackburn if she was "happy" to see that Clinton has returned to public life as a member of the so-called "resistance" against President Donald Trump's administration.

"I think as a woman who is in elected office, it is disappointing to me," Blackburn complained. "Hillary Clinton has the opportunity to role model graciousness. But she is choosing to live and stew in bitterness. And to blame somebody else."

"Throughout my career, I've seen over and over again, eventually you say, 'This didn't work' or 'I didn't win' or 'I am sorry.' And you move on. You accept things. You own it. You move on. And she is missing a great opportunity by not doing that."

"Listen to her, it's always somebody else's fault," Blackburn said. "Listen to her, another day for the election and she would have won."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast May 7, 2017.