Talk show host, U.S. Marine veteran and activist Montel Williams told CNN on Saturday that as an individual with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), he is deeply concerned about the people who will be hit hard by the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- aka "Obamacare" -- and the reinstatement of insurance companies' ability to discriminate against customers with pre-existing conditions.

Insurance companies define 22 percent of Americans as having a "pre-existing condition," Williams explained, "Over 56 percent of adult Americans, over 120 million adult Americans have at least one chronic illness and at least 80 percent of them have at least two. said that anchor Ana Cabrera questioned Williams over whether it's appropriate to allow insurance companies to decide what is and isn't a pre-existing condition.

"I'm very lucky," Williams said. "I and about two percent of Americans can afford whatever healthcare we need to have, but the rest of Americans can't."

"This bill, which is so ridiculous," he said, doesn't address "how we're going to lower costs" even as it strips away lifesaving coverage from people who desperately need it.

Watch the video, embedded below: