Republicans plan massive beer bash as they take healthcare away from women, the disabled and the poor
VP Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan (Photo: Paul Ryan

Republicans on Thursday passed legislation that would rip away health care from an estimated 24 million Americans -- and they plan to celebrate it with a massive keg party.

Vice News' Alexandra Jaffe reports that large quantities of beer are being wheeled into the Capitol building in anticipation of the House of Representatives passing the American Health Care Act on Thursday afternoon.

"Cases upon cases of beer just rolled into the Capitol on a cart covered in a sheet," she writes on Twitter. "Spotted Bud Light peeking out from the sheet."

House Republicans are also reportedly heading over to the White House to celebrate the vote after passing the AHCA.

Earlier this year, House Speaker Paul Ryan told National Review editor Rich Lowry that he has been "dreaming" of capping Medicaid expenses ever since he and Lowry "were drinking at a keg" in college. Ryan said on Thursday ahead of the vote that he had been eagerly waiting for seven years to cast his vote in favor of a bill that is expected to deprive 24 million people of their insurance.