Morning Joe: 'The messaging and the morality of the GOP health care bill are deplorable'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was disgusted by House Republicans who voted for a bill they hadn't even read that could strip health care for millions and then celebrated in the Rose Garden with President Donald Trump.

The "Morning Joe" host took a break from blasting Republican lawmakers on his TV show to tweet out strong criticism of the legislation, how it was passed and their reaction to its narrow passage.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski compared the White House victory party to a "golf course ribbon-cutting," and Scarborough said it was a "country club with restrictive membership.

"Obviously, you have to be white and a male to be there," he said.

Then he ripped GOP lawmakers for going along with a possibly doomed bill that served little purpose but to hand President Donald Trump something like a legislative victory.

"You can look at every one of those Republican leaders that were in Donald Trump's background shot, serving as his stand-up that -- basically his stand-ups for a prop -- and every single one of those men -- I just say men because," Scarborough said, before Brzezinski cut in.

"There's a woman there, but she has her head down, smartly," Brzezinski said. "She actually has a brain, she knows this is bad."

"Every one of those men standing by, I guarantee you, at one point, said, if you're a conservative, you need to get a Congressional Budget Office score," Scarborough continued. "You need to know how much a bill costs, you need to know the impact of the bill, you have to actually read the bill."

He said the vote was intended only to set up a photo opportunity for Trump -- but he said the consequences could be literally fatal for many Americans.

"This was about a press conference, but for tens of millions of Americans, many who voted for him, who are struggling to take care of their children, who are struggling to take care of their parents, who are struggling to take care of their grandparents, this really is an issue of life and death," Scarborough said. "And so many people that voted for this bill voted without reading the bill, voted without having a CBO score and voted without having any idea what impact it would have."