Former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) attempted to defend President Donald Trump's revisionist -- and wholly wrong -- comments about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War on CNN Monday night, only to have fellow conservative Tara Setmayer call him out for defending Trump's every utterance.

With Kingston attempting to cover for Trump by questioning Jackson's feeling about slavery, Setmayer finally had enough.

"Okay, honestly, this is a nice try," Setmayer told the former Georgia lawmaker. "I've been watching Trump supporters trying to candy-coat this, and it was an asinine thing for Donald Trump to say. I don't know why he was wading into this and going there with Andrew Jackson. I understand he has a fascination because people compared his campaign to Andrew Jackson's."

"I think that is a lot of feigned indignation by Trump critics, " Kingston said in defense of the president.

"Feigned indignation? " Setmayer shot back.

"If Caesar was alive today or if only George Washington was around today ---," Kingston attempted before being cut off by Setmayer.

"Why can't you guys just stop and say what the president said was stupid?" she demanded. "Why do you feel the need to just constantly defend everything this man says? It was ridiculous statement. I mean, I don't get it"

Watch the video below via CNN: