WATCH: HBO's Bill Maher gets into epic shouting match with Cornel West over Hillary versus Trump
Dr.Cornel West argues with Real Time host Bill Maher -- HBO screengrab

Friday night, HBO Real Time host Bill Maher went toe-to-toe with professor and social activist Cornel West over the 2016 election, with Maher confronting West for calling Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump “equally awful.”

West, a prominent backer of Sen. Bernie Sanders, insisted that the Vermont independent could have won the election, and took a shot at Clinton after Maher pointed out that one of the former Secretary of State's first speeches as a candidate was about mass incarceration that disproportionately affects young black men.

"Hillary gave speeches about a whole lot of stuff," West shot back," but it didn't have a whole lot of integrity in it, brother."

"That is such bullshit," Maher parried.

After West went off on a tirade insisting that Sanders would have won, he admitted that Clinton is "better than Trump," at which point Maher yelled back, "A lot better than Trump."

"That doesn't take too much, who isn't better than Trump?" West replied.

“That isn’t an answer. It’s glib, it’s beneath you." Maher lectured. "For someone who’s such an intellectual, that answer is beneath you.”

It actually grew more rancorous after that.

Watch the video below via YouTube: