Speaking on CNN, former Nixon aide John Dean told host Wolf Blitzer that the existence of fired FBI Director James Comey's memos of his and President Donald Trump's conversation is "a direct parallel to what was in the 'smoking gun tape.'"

Dean, whose testimony about Nixon's cover-up of the Watergate break-ins were a key part of the impeachment proceedings that lead to the president's resignation, has been regularly consulted since Trump fired Comey last week as commentators drew comparisons to Comey's firing and Nixon's 'Saturday night massacre' firing of the Watergate special prosecutor.

During the segment, Blitzer asked Dean if Trump's insistence that Flynn was a "good guy" as justification for asking Comey to end the investigation would have any bearing on potential impeachment proceedings.

"That didn't work during Watergate," Dean said, "where good motives would somehow erase criminal intent. Juries didn't buy those kinds of arguments."

Watch Dean's entire segment below, via CNN.

Watergate layer John Dean explains how Trump... by sarahburris