'What a jerk': Colbert brutally mocks Trump's NATO speech that had other world leaders ignoring him
"The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert on 5/26/17 (via screengrab).

On the most recent episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert remarked on President Donald Trump's first NATO meeting by, naturally, doing his best impression of the apparently out-of-place president.

"Donald Trump is still out of the country," he said at the beginning of the segment, "we still have time to change the locks."

When discussing the president's current whereabouts in Sicily for the G7 summit on climate change, Colbert slipped effortlessly into a Trump voice when describing the president's distaste for the term by calling it "weather channel fake news".

Proving that he is an equal opportunist when it comes to poking fun at world leaders, Trump referred to new French President Emmanuel Macron as "guy who wants to try it with the lights on tonight" before describing the much-talked-about handshake between Macron and Trump.

"Each president gripped the other's hand with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening," Colbert said, quoting an Axios article that described the scene through the eyes of the White House press pool. "The White House press pool is apparently now also writing erotic fanfiction."

He then shifted focus to another viral moment of hilarity on Trump's visit to the Brussels NATO summit in which he was seen shoving the president of Montenegro out of the way while posing for photos.

"What a jerk," Colbert said.

This last description was meant to add up to the gist of the entire opening segment: that Trump was the "laughingstock" of the NATO summit, with so many of his mannerisms placed in stark contrast to the other world leaders he met with.

"No wonder that 'Trump was left largely on his own after the speech as leaders mingled and laughed with each other,'" Colbert said, quoting a Washington Post article about the scene. "They wouldn't let poor Donald join in any NATO games."

Watch the entire segment below, via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.