'Will lawyers come in at 2am for phone duty?': CNN panel mocks Trump's new babysitters
CNN Panel (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump might be getting attorneys to serve as his babysitter and police his Twitter usage and this afternoon's CNN panel thought it was hilarious.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that attorneys want to monitor Trump's Twitter account and vet the tweets before they're sent out to a broad audience.

"Is one of those lawyers going to take up residence in the White House residence?" CNN's Dana Bash asked Wolf Blitzer. "That is the biggest issue for the White House staff is tearing their hair out looking at these tweets."

She noted that Trump's tweets don't come during typical working hours they come from the early and late hours when Trump is glued to cable news and tweeting from his phone. She also noted that it is in profound contrast to Trump's renewed advisor Corey Lewandowsky, who operated under the "let Trump be Trump" policy.

Yahoo's Bianna Golodryga wondered how it's possible Trump has signed off on the new policy because it's so contrary to his typical way of operating.

"All of this goes back on whether the president will sign off on this and I don't see that happening," she said. "I mean, what, are these lawyers going to come in at 2:00 a.m. for phone duty?"

Former CIA staffer turned CNN commentator Phil Mudd rattled off scandal after scandal wondering how this is decided as the solution.

"We're 120 days in, now we're hearing things like controlling his tweets," Mudd said. "I hope not, actually, because I need Comedy Central, to this issue of whether we shake up the White House staff to control a president that is 70-years-old and has proven, not for a moment, that he's maturing from day one. I don't buy it."

Mudd said that he didn't buy that "a 70-year-old will have to change over 120 days." he continued. "Give me one ounce of evidence other than he's been quiet on the European tour and he might be quiet on Twitter. I don't buy it."

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