Appearing of "Fox & Friends," Kentucky Congressman Tom Massie (R) said that all lawmakers should arm themselves following the shooting at a ballpark this week that put fellow Republican Rep. Steve Scalise (LA) in the hospital.

Speaking with host Abby Huntsman, Massie said that lawmakers are putting themselves at risk when they go out on public and should get a concealed carry permit and arm themselves -- including when they face angry constituents at town halls.

Massie has proposed a bill that would let Congressmen and their staff-members to arm themselves by using their out-of-state concealed carry permits in the District of Columbia.

"I'm not looking for special privileges for congressmen as some people have called for," Massie explained. "I'm just looking to extend Second  Amendment rights into the state, or into the city of Washington, D.C."

Huntsman pointed out the "political rhetoric" that she feels is inflaming town halls and Massie agreed.

'The animosity has increased tremendously," Massie replied. "If you just look at the comments on my social media page compared with before the presidential election and after the presidential election just the tenor and tone has changed much for the worse."

"I think it's dangerous, the level of rhetoric out there," he continued before adding that the shooting of Scalise is a "wake-up call."

Watch the video below via Crooks & Liars: