Cliven Bundy's bodyguard pleads guilty to federal weapons charges
Schuyler Barbeau (Facebook)

One week after a prominent Donald Trump supporter was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for his role in the 2014 Bundy standoff in Nevada, a second conspirator has entered a guilty plea.

Schuyler Pyatte Barbeau, 30, pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal gun crimes. The abrupt about-face came during the second day of a jury trial, according to the Seattle PI.

Following Barbeau's December 2015 arrest, the Southern Poverty Law Center published an in-depth legal analysis of court filings.

Barbeau allegedly claimed it “was his duty to educate public servants who were not living up to their oath and discussed ‘lynching’ those he deemed unworthy if necessary,” SPLC reported the court documents stated.

SPLC also reported an FBI informant said Barbeau “was always armed with a .45 caliber pistol and frequently traveled with a short-barreled AR-15 rifle ("SBR"), body armor, and a helmet in his vehicle.”

Sentencing for Schuyler Barbeau is scheduled for September 1 at US District Court in Seattle.

Ryan Payne of Montana will be sentenced on June 15th.