A former Republican congressman who voted to impeach former President Bill Clinton called out House Speaker Paul Ryan as a hypocrite.

Ryan argued Thursday that congressional Republicans would not be calling for the impeachment of a Democratic president accused of the same activity as President Donald Trump -- but former representative Bob Inglis dismissed those claims as nonsense.

"You know this isn't true," Inglis tweeted to Ryan. "You know that you would be inquiring into impeachment if this were a D."

Inglis, who represented South Carolina in Congress from 1993 to 1999 and 2005 to 2011, said he did not yet believe Ryan and other House Republicans should draft Articles of Impeachment just yet.

"But it is time to pursue the Russia investigation with vigor," Inglis tweeted, "and if the investigation leads to the Pres., his family or his campaign, so be it. Don't obstruct justice. Put country first."