'I got 31 death threats because of your website': Maher guest blisters Breitbart editor for publishing fake news
Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow. Image via screengrab.

On the Overtime segment of HBO's "Real Time," MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance unloaded on Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow over an article on the website that was false and led to Nance and his family receiving death threats.

After Marlow was asked by host Bill Maher to describe what he thinks constitutes "fake news," Nance jumped into the conversation to call out Marlow -- and demand an apology.

"I sort of have a bone to pick with you," Nance asserted. "You're at Breitbart, right? And you don't do fake news, right? That's what you're asserting here? Yeah, you know there was this article about a 35-year counterterrorism expert who claimed that they wanted Trump Tower attacked that was written in Breitbart? I got thirty-one death threats from that - and that came from your website. Are you going to apologize to me? I'm sorry to say, I spent decades hunting terrorists. Yes, so that's fake as hell."

"You don't have to share your bonafides with me," Marlow replied. "I respect you. I respect your service."

"But your followers threatened my family, my children, my wife," Nance shot back.

Marlow the attempted to diminish Nance's complaint, saying, "Are you really suggesting that Breitbart doesn't get death threats? That our lives aren't put in danger?"

"No, No, No," Nance said. "You can apologize to me now. Alright? I'm not threatening you."

"Show me the story," Marlow offered. "And if the story is as you describe it, I'll be happy to offer an apology."

"I will come to your office to see that retraction," Nance replied.

Watch the video below via HBO: