InfoWars editor admits to rare disorder -- he literally eats books
Editor at Large for InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson, believes books are for eating instead of reading. (youtube screengrab)

With Americans of all political stripes increasingly concerned with this era of fake news, the right-wing conspiracy site InfoWars has emerged as one of the most ridiculous websites for American citizens to get their information.

InfoWars Editor at Large Paul Joseph Watson was asked a pedestrian question about his diet, when the crazy poured forth.

"Funny you should ask—my eating habits are not normal," began Paul Watson, with a clear tell that his next sentence would be fascinating.

"I literally eat books. Pages of older books especially," Watson explained, offering an alternative theory of books' utility beyond conveying knowledge.

Watson says he suffers from Pica, or more precisely papyrophagia. Pica is named for the magpie, a bird that will eat almost anything.

InfoWars has been called, "QVC for conspiracy" and has been accused of bilking fans with quack cures.

Host Alex Jones has branded Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher as "enemies of the Republic" on his InfoWars show. Though when it comes to official legal proceedings, Alex Jones claims it's all an act.

Like Breitbart, InfoWars is allegedly under investigation for ties to the Kremlin.