Jake Tapper can't help but laugh at Nikki Haley's excuses for Trump's 'big box of crazy' climate views
Jake Tapper and Nikki Haley on CNN (Screen capture)

In a preview for a longer interview to be shown on Sunday morning's "State of the Union," CNN host Jake Tapper laughed as UN Ambassador -- and former South Carolina Republican governor -- Nikki Haley's claimed that President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord because he didn't want the rest of the world telling American businesses how to operate.

"What I will tell you is that the regulations from the Paris agreement were disadvantaging our companies," said Haley. "The jobs were not attainable as long as we had to live under those regulations. It wasn't possible to meet the conditions under the Paris agreement."

"We've got a president who is going to watch out for the environment," Haley continued. "The rest of the world wanted to tell us how to do it and we're saying we will do it but under our terms."

"But, but," Tapper said breaking into a laugh, "the standards were set by the United States for the United States."

"No, the standards were set by President Obama," Haley said.

"My point is that you said the world is imposing standards on the United States," Tapper said. "President Obama -- the president of the United States at the time -- set the standards."

"But moving that aside for one second, I just want to be clear on this," he said. "You're not willing to acknowledge that calling climate change a Chinese hoax is just a big box of crazy."

"Pres. Trump believes the climate is changing," Haley said, "and he believes pollutants are part of that equation. That is the fact. That is where we are, that is where we stand."

Watch the video below via CNN: