LISTEN: Steve Harvey tells Flint caller to enjoy drinking a 'nice brown glass of water'
Steve Harvey on "The View" (Photo: Screen capture)

On his radio show this week, comedian Steve Harvey mocked a caller from Flint, Michigan, by making fun of the city's water crisis that has left many of the city's children with dangerously high levels of lead in their systems.

The caller in question called up Harvey's show to mock the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are Harvey's favorite basketball team, lost the NBA finals to the Golden State Warriors.

Shortly before ending the call with the man, who had identified himself as a Flint resident, Harvey told him to "enjoy your nice brown glass of water."

Harvey's co-hosts on the show immediately erupted into howls of outrage, and one of them formally apologized for Harvey's ridicule of Flint, which has been dealing with the water crisis for the past three years. reports that Harvey explained to his co-hosts that he wasn't trying to disparage the entire city of Flint, and was only attacking the caller who mocked the city of his favorite basketball team.

Listen to the clip below.