Medic dragged woman’s half-naked, lifeless body through crowded American Airlines flight: passenger
American Airlines plane (via Wikimedia Commons).

An emergency medical technician dragged a dying woman's half-naked body past passengers on a commercial flight in Minnesota.

The woman suffered a medical emergency Monday while in the bathroom of an American Airlines Boeing 737 flying from Dallas to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, reported the Star-Tribune.

An EMT came onto the plane at the airport, removed the woman from the restroom and dragged her face-up by the hands through the plane, another passenger said.

The woman, who appeared to be in her 40s, was naked from the waist down and in full view of the other roughly 150 passengers, the passenger said.

"The EMT was out of line on that one,” said passenger Art Endress, of Dallas. “Also, the flight attendants could have thrown a blanket on her.”

The 63-year-old Endress said flight attendants determined a passenger was still in the restroom as they began preparations for landing, and they asked for medical assistance after finding the woman unresponsive.

A doctor and nurse on board attempted to revive her with a defibrillator, and emergency crews came on board once the plane landed.

Other passengers were kept on the plane for about an hour, until a tarp could be set up in the jetway to shield the stricken woman, who was later declared dead.

Another passenger told Endress the woman had gotten up from her seat about halfway through the flight and did not return.

The woman was later identified as 48-year-old Theresa Hines, of Carrollton, Texas, and her family has established a fundraiser to help offset her funeral costs.