REVEALED: Mike Pence is raising buckets of cash that can be used for his legal defense in Russia scandal
Mike Pence (CBS News)

Vice President Mike Pence has claimed that he had no knowledge about the Donald Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia nor was he aware of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn acting as a foreign agent while working for Trump. Still, Pence has retained counsel and now he's fundraising into his own political action committee (PAC), which have no restriction on the use of the funds.

This week, Pence hired his own attorney, Richard Cullen, a Richmond-based attorney who once served as a U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Pence spent Friday attending a fundraiser for his PAC, Great America Committee, in Indianapolis. Premier tickets went for $5,000 and individual tickets were $2,500, simply to gain access to the Vice President.

The Journal revealed that a source close to Pence would said the VP would likely use the funds for his own personal legal bills. His attorney said that Pence’s office directed him to “make certain that whatever method [of payment] is used is compliant with all federal law and regulation.” There are few legal regulations or restrictions on what PAC funds can be used to pay for.

Financial disclosures filed last year revealed Pence is nearly broke with no mutual funds, 401(K) accounts and no large savings accounts. Using his leadership PAC, any donor is allowed to bankroll Pence's legal defense, including President Donald Trump.

Officials with the PAC said when it was started that they intended to use it to help handle Pence's state-controlled assets such as voter file lists, donor and supporter lists that were used for his state governor's campaign.