'Triggered as f*ck': Alt-right melts down after Seth Rogen jokes he looks like white nationalist's bodyguard

When comedian Seth Rogen joked about his striking resemblance to Antonio Foreman, the bodyguard for white nationalist Tim “@BakedAlaska” Gionet, who was injured earlier this week, the alt-right imploded on themselves in condemnation.

"Just so everyone knows, I'm NOT a white nationalist, I have NOT been stabbed 9 times, and I DO have health insurance!" Rogen tweeted.

Gionet is an alt-right internet personality who has promotedthe concept of "white genocide." The phrase was coined white nationalists who believed multiculturalism was a conspiracy to kill off white people.

"He is not alt-right or a white supremacist," President Donald Trump supporter Mike Tokes tweeted. "He's a good guy with a big heart looking to fight for his country. What's wrong with you dude?"

"Im a Latino so he's not a white supremacist," California GOP political candidate Omar Navarro tweeted. "He's a kind person who doesn't discriminate. See him at the hospital and apologize."

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