Watch: Robert Reich calls BS on Jeffrey Lord's ridiculous claim that 'coal is the wave of the future'
Jeffrey Lord and Robert Reich (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Secretary of Labor and class warrior Robert Reich crushed conservative pundit Jeffrey Lord during Thursday's CNN panel discussion about the Paris Climate Agreement.

Senior economic advisor to President Donald Trump, Steve Moore claimed that developing countries have been able to use fossil fuels while other nations risk their economic stability in turning to green energy.

"If the developing world is going to rely on fossil fuel, oil and coal that the fact that the United States relied on it for years that is the end of the planet, Steve," Reich responded "We can't possibly have a plan that relies that much on fossil fuels. That's one reason there is so much interest and one reason the United States had been so dedicated to helping developing nations move to wind and solar."

Lord turned the conversation to attack former Secretary Hillary Clinton, who is not the president, instead of discussing the current president's comments today.

"If Hillary Clinton were elected and did the opposite of this, would we say she is doing it to play to her base? I was showing the governor in the green room, Pittsburgh was an island of blue in a sea of red. The Pennsylvania voters in that area, which are economically distressed in a lot of cases, are very upset about this," Lord said talking about coal.

Reich wasn't having it.

"Jeffrey Lord! Jeffrey Lord! Let's get real here. Do you really think coal is the wave of the future." Reich said. "You think that's the way the planet should be going?"

"I said, I think it's part of the future," Lord replied. "You know, eventually, sure."

"Why is it then China and other countries are actually leading the way and n wind and solar?" Reich asked. "Why are they moving ahead of, no doubt, that at some point we won't need to use coal anywhere but we're not there yet? This is like trying to fly a jet airplane in 1861!"

Lord's comments came after Trump's former communications director Jason Miller was caught by Daily Beast editor John Avlon using fake statistics to support absurd points. EPA head Scott Pruitt also claimed Thursday that the president’s decision isn’t about climate denial.  Today, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) also claimed the 4.5 billion-year-old sun is no longer reliable and Trump’s economic advisor Steve Moore didn’t know the difference between 1,000-year-old windmills in Holland and wind energy mills in western Kansas.

Watch below:

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