‘What the hell are you doing?‘: The internet hammers Trump for ‘stupid’ tweets about ‘travel ban’
Republican presidential contender Donald Trump made the traditional primary-season pilgrimage to the New Hampshire state house to file ballot papers on November 4, 2015 (AFP Photo/Don Emmert)

President Donald Trump began Monday morning with a tweet admitting that his travel ban is, in fact, a ban. The claim contradicts with his White House's claim that "it's not a ban," according to Sean Spicer. It also runs up against the Justice Department, which is being forced to defend the ban by claiming that it is not a ban.

“Paging Sean Spicer!” CNN's Alisyn Camerota said after the "New Day" host read Trump's tweet aloud. Spicer made news and was mocked on "Saturday Night Live" for his claim that it wasn't a ban and that the president was simply using the media's phraseology to express what the travel ban was.

The internet had a field day with the tweet, calling out Trump's "stupidity' and mocking him for promoting a law that they believe will ultimately be struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States.

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