'Bitter angry man with hate in his heart': Internet blasts Trump for anti-Trans military policy
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President Donald Trump pledged that as president he would "do everything to protect our LGBTQ citizens against violence and oppression." Yet, Wednesday, Trump decided that transgender people were no longer welcome in the U.S. armed forces.

Trump famously told supporter Caitlyn Jenner that she could use any bathroom she wanted in Trump Tower. Now, it seems, she can use the bathroom in Trump Tower, but she's not welcome in Trump's military.

According to CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr, Trump's tweet took the Pentagon press office by surprise

Under the Obama administration, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter decided to begin to look at this issue and the medical treatment trans service members would be going through and how to do it. He announced in June 2016 "that transgender individuals will now be able to openly serve in the U.S. armed forces."

The internet and LGBTQ activists were furious with Trump's decision. Taking to Twitter, many blasted the president for lying to Americans during the 2016 campaign in which he pledged equal protection under the law for all LGBTQ citizens. Ironically, the day marks the anniversary of Executive Order 9981, in which President Harry Truman integrated the U.S. armed forces.

You can see the tweets below:

The ACLU and Lambda Legal are already searching for the lawsuit.