The Australian network SBS Viceland created a response on behalf of CNN after President Donald Trump tweeted a video that appears to incite violence against reporters.

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted a doctored video that shows him body slamming and punching a man whose head was covered with the CNN logo.

On Wednesday, SBS Viceland responded with a satirical interview of the "reporter" who was assaulted by the president in the fake video.

"My name is CNN and I was assaulted by the president of the United States," the faux reporter explains in the video. "The bullying started a while ago, mainly online. Donald Trump started calling me fake news, which was almost as painful as me having to call him president of the United States."

"We never thought it would get physical," he continued. "We've heard him boasting about assaulting people in the past, but I was still shocked when he grabbed me. It's hard enough to explain to an adult that the leader of the free world punched you in a GIF, it's much harder to explained that to your kids."

Watch the video below.