Corvette-driving priest arrested for pulling gun in Florida road rage incident
William Rian Adams mugshot -- Martin County Sheriff’s Office

A North Carolina priest traveling in Florida has been arrested after he was accused of pulling a gun on the driver and passenger of a truck during a road rage altercation last week.

According to the News & Observer, William Rian Adams, 35, was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault dating back to July 6 incident in Martin County, Florida.

Adams was identified as the rector of Calvary Episcopal Church near Asheville, North Carolina.

According to the police report, Adams was driving in his red Corvette when he pulled his Glock-22 handgun from under the passenger seat of his car and pointed it at the truck after he claims the driver tailgated him.

The highway patrol pulled Adams over shortly after the truck occupants reported him.

Adams told investigators that the truck attempted to pass him and that one of the occupants rolled down a window and yelled something at him, compelling him to brandish the gun.

The North Carolina priest said that the gun was not loaded at the time.