Appearing on MSNBC's All In, GOP strategist Rick Wilson pointed out that President Donald Trump is not only a "co-conspirator" in his son's secret meeting with Russians in June of 2016 but that he is toxic for everything he gets involved in.

Speaking with host Chris Hayes, the acerbic Wilson took Trump to task over a bombshell report that he personally dictated Donald Trump Jr.'s statement about the meeting with Kremlin insiders that was later found to be false.

Noting the verbiage of the Trump-dictated statement, Wilson said, "This is absolutely what I expect. The stilted nature of the text alone was sort of a tell that President Unindicted Co-Conspirator was involved."

"And the fact that he put himself in jeopardy means once again he is not listening to political advisers," he continued. "Everything is shoot from the lip, everything is impulse, everything is whatever is in Donald Trump's brain that moment, that he believes to be the smartest thing in the world."

"So he saddled his own son with this terrible piece of convoluted and, frankly, deceptive rhetoric, that he forced him to put out," Wilson suggested. "So then they had to walk it back day after day after day after day. And it is once again, by rule simple: everything Trump touches dies. This is a guy who -- he's got a curse on him. And he hit his own son with it. It's just astounding."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: