Fox News’ Eric Bolling on Friday figured out who, exactly, was colluding with the Russian government during the 2016 election, and—surprise, surprise—it wasn’t Donald Trump Jr.

On “The Specialists,” a five-person panel show where supposedly some of the participants are specialists, Bolling announced that the real connection between Russia and the 2016 campaign was none other than former Democratic candidateHillary Clinton.

“One of these people who were at the meeting, not sure which one … is connected to Fusion GPS, who also was connected—Fusion GPS—to the payment, the Russian dossier,” Bolling said Friday. “Christopher Steele, the British operative who put together this Russian dossier somehow got payment from Fusion GPS.”

“So instead of pointing the finger at Donald Trump Jr. and saying he’s ‘colluding’—oh, big word, colluding—with the Russians, maybe the Russians were colluding with Hillary Clinton to get information on Donald Trump,” Bolling concluded.

So Clinton colluded with Russia to undermine her own campaign and elect the man who’s systematically refused to call out Russian President Vladimir Putin for a variety of geopolitical misdeeds? Got it.

Watch the video below, via Fox News: