CNN had a panel of Trump voters on to talk about health care on Thursday -- and many of them were not impressed by what they've seen from congressional Republicans so far.

Trump voter Colleen England Byrd told CNN's Alisyn Camerota that she was "scared" of the Republicans' health care plan, and said that she needed help from the government to be able to afford key medications.

"I have bipolar disorder, it's a pretty severe case," she explained. "And if he takes that away -- Medicaid people, Medicare people, no medications, no doctors -- it's going to be like the zombie apocalypse, really running-through-the-streets crazy."

Byrd said that she backed Trump because "he promised something better" than Obamacare, but "what I've seen come off the block is not better."

Jackie, another Trump voter, said that Trump was hamstrung by a GOP congress that is intent on passing a bad health care bill, which has reduced him to telling people what they want to hear about the bill, even though it isn't true.

"I have loved ones that have chronic conditions that are functioning now because of the medications they're on, and because of the medical care they receive," she said. "I'm scared."

Watch the whole panel below.