Left- and right-wing militias face off in Michigan after official calls for the murder of 'every last Muslim'
The Great Lakes Three Percenters patrols outside Michigan council meeting (Photo: Screen capture)

A Kalkaska Council meeting in Michigan drew protesters from the left and right after the village's President Jeff Sieting was caught saying controversial things on Facebook.

Sieting was discovered sharing a post that called for the killing of “every last Muslim” for historical reasons, according to The Traverse City Record-Eagle. He blamed unknown opponents’ with “malice intent” for looking for something on his Facebook page they could use to “inflict damage” on him.

Residents of the village gathered to denounce Sieting, demanding his resignation and giving him an earful. Outside, local militias "patrolled" the building with assault rifles, pistols and bullet proof vests. One of them was the Great Lakes Three Percenters, a right wing organization that claims their purpose is to protect Americans’ constitutional rights.

“We’re here for the whole community," the group's commander, Michael Jenkins, told UpNorthLive. "What we’re doing has nothing based upon his opinion. We have protests that are out here on the streets, people are carrying firearms. We are here just to make sure everybody’s peaceful.”

The militia boasts members from all over the state who regularly hone their skills to "protect the Constitution."

“We’re not here to intimidate anybody from either side of these groups," he continued. "A lot of these people from the other side, we’ve actually stood with them and we’ve shook [sic] hands with them and we’ve prayed with a lot of them, so it’s pretty much just to maintain peace and order."

The Kalkaska Militia also showed up.

There was also a group of police officers at the event to ensure safety. Sheriff Patrick Whiteford explained that they felt the event "needed the police presence" given the collection of attendees that were armed.

Perhaps because right-wing militia wasn't the only group that attended the rally armed. Another group called the Redneck Revolt came to the meeting to call for Sieting to resign. Their organization boasts of belonging to the redneck class of working people brought together to fight "the bosses."

They consider themselves "pro-worker, anti-racist organization that focuses on working class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate our lives," according to their website. They were in attendance to call for the resignation of Sieting.

In addition to his attacks on Muslims, Sieting has been known to make disparaging comments about transgender Americans and people of color.

Below is a video of the angry council meeting: