'Obama killed his own flies!': Social media hilariously mocks Trump for summoning Priebus to kill White House pests
Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama (catching a fly) (Photos: Screen captures)

The internet couldn't handle the fact that President Donald Trump used his chief of staff for the purpose of killing insects.

The news broke late Friday that among the many duties as Trump's chief, Reince Priebus was tasked with killing a fly for him. The former head of the Republican Party official lost his job after being asked to leave Air Force One and was abandoned in a car in the motorcade.

In a twist of irony, former President Barack Obama made news during an interview in which he killed a fly that was buzzing around him. The move at the time prompted hilarity about the president's kung fu-like skills.

Here's a video of the incident:

And here are some of the most hilarious tweets of the night: