‘Pepe’s gonna stomp their ass’: Steve Bannon plotted GOP convention war if Trump denied nomination
Steve Bannon and Pepe

A new book reveals that Steve Bannon planned to unleash a ragtag coalition of angry young men at the Republican National Convention if "limp-dick" House Speaker Paul Ryan denied the nomination to Donald Trump.

According to Joshua Green's new book Devil's Bargain, Bannon plotted an all-out war in Cleveland if Ryan tried to swoop in and snatch the nomination from Trump at a brokered convention, reported Axios.

"Bannon was prepared to sic the alt-right on Paul Ryan if he tried to steal the GOP nomination from Trump at a brokered convention," Green wrote. "'Pepe's gonna stomp their ass,' [Bannon] said, referring to the racist frog."

He was not yet an official part of the Trump campaign, but Bannon tasked Julia Hahn, one of his writers at Breitbart, to smear Ryan's reputation ahead of the convention, reported Talking Points Memo.

"[Bannon] described the House speaker as 'a limp-dick motherfucker who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation,' a conservative think tank Bannon said was too close to the 'globalist donor class,'" according to Green's book.

The former Breitbart chief had recognized early on that online gamers and other "rootless white males" could be mobilized as a political force, and he took part in a money-making scheme off the game World of Warcraft.

“It was the pre-Reddit,” Bannon said.

Bannon joined a Hong Kong company that bought and sold virtual currency within the game's economy, but irate gamers pushed for the game's makers to eliminate that practice -- known as "gold farming" -- and one even filed a class-action lawsuit against the company.

"(He) began to wonder if those forces could be harnessed and, if so, how he might exploit them,” Green wrote.

There's some overlap between Trump's gamer fans and "alt-right" white supremacists, but Bannon was reportedly unimpressed by their most famous face.

Bannon, who became Trump's campaign manager Aug. 17, 2016, avoided associating with white supremacist Richard Spencer -- whom he wrote off as a self-promoting “freak” and a “goober,” according to Green.