Poland promises to create cheering crowds to appease Trump during visit: reports
Donald Trump visits Capitol Hill (screen grab)

Earlier this year, a report out of the U.K. claimed that President Donald Trump was reluctant to visit America's biggest ally because he feared he'd be greeted with angry protesters.

Now reports out of Poland suggest that the Polish government has figured out a way to make Trump feel comfortable in their country -- by busing in people to cheer him.

According to the Associated Press, Polish news agencies are reporting that the Polish government "promised the White House a reception of cheering crowds as part of its invitation" to the president, and is going so far as to "bus in groups from the provinces to hear Trump’s speech."

The White House did not respond to the AP's questions about whether it received assurances that the Polish government would bus in cheering people to make Trump's visit to the country more pleasant.

Finding Poles who are willing to come out and cheer the president might be easier said than done, however. A recent Pew poll found that just 23 percent of Polish citizens were confident in Trump's leadership, whereas 58 percent of Polish citizens had previously expressed confidence in former President Barack Obama's leadership.

Things are even worse for Trump in the U.K., as Pew's survey found just 22 percent of U.K. citizens had confidence in Trump's leadership, versus 79 percent who felt the same about Obama at the end of his second term.