REVEALED: Trump and Putin engaged in second private meeting at G-20 summit
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (Wikimedia Commons)

Political scientist Ian Bremmer on Tuesday revealed that Donald Trump had a second, unreported meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin during the annual G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

According to Bremmer, this informal meeting took place on the sidelines of the conference, and recalled similar meetings between Jeff Sessions and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak—conversations the attorney general failed to disclose on his security clearance forms.

Bremmer explained that in addition to his widely-reported 2-hour long meeting with Putin, Trump also had an hour-long meeting that evening with the Russian president “that no one’s really heard of.”

“We clearly know that Trump does not care what the media has to say about his desire to have a close, personal relationship with the Russian president, and what drives it,” Bremmer said.

“Never in my life as a political scientist have I seen two countries with a constellation of national interests that are as dissident, while the two leader seem to be doing everything possible to make nice,” he added. “That’s what people don’t understand.”

Bremmer said Trump’s desire to pal around with Putin leaves himself and other political scientist “flummoxed.”

The one policy that Trump has been remarkably consist on is Russia,” Bremmer added.

Watch the interview between Bremmer and Charlie Rose below: