'The Trump before Trump': Pundits wonder if Chris Christie's spectacular fall foreshadows the president's
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on ABC's This Week (ABC/Screenshot)

After Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) had his luxurious weekend, shutting down state beaches that he was then able to enjoy with his family, CNN guests noted that he is the Trump before Trump.

Christie got defensive when reporters posted photos of the day in the sun and questioned Christie about whether it was improper to attend the closed beaches simply because he could. Even Christie's own leutinant governor took issue with the beach vacation.

But it was CNN's discussion surrounding Christie's slow fall from grace that looked through reasons the once popular governor has now fallen to a 15 percent approval rating.

"I mean, there was a time Republicans were begging him to run for president, just a few years ago," noted CNN's Pamela Brown.

"It's been remarkable actually to watch Chris Christie's kind of fall from political grace, just over the past two years, as you mentioned, he was a presidential candidate and was known for his kind of huff talking style," echoed Caitlin Hughey-Burns of Real Clear Politics. "He was kind of the Donald Trump in terms of rhetoric before Donald Trump. I remember covering him at various stops throughout the campaign, particularly in New Hampshire, and he was lauded for his style."

That style has fallen considerably, however, as his actual governing has turned his supporters into opposition.

When asked why the "Trump-style" worked for Trump but hasn't for Christie, Burns said many in the GOP are asking the same question.

"You know, Christie really resonated with people on a personal and on an emotional level talking about, you know, the opiate crisis for example and other things, but then he went and endorsed Donald Trump after Chris Christie left the race," Burns continued. "That was seen by many Republicans at the time as kind of a turn against the party...So certainly a fall from grace."

Watch the full discussion below:

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