Appearing on CNN, commentator Sally Kohn vehemently scolded conservative Kayleigh McEnany for attempting to defend President Donald Trump's Sunday morning tweet advocating violence against CNN reporters.

The Trump-backing McEnany began her defense of Trump's attack on the media by pointing out that the Associated Press had to issue a clarification of a story on the Environmental Protection Agency, which baffled host Frederica Whitfield, CNN media analyst Brian Stetler and Kohn.

"Look, I think it was intended as a tongue and cheek satirical video, nothing serious and might have made people in his base laugh," McEnany began before turning to the AP.  "Friday night the Associated Press had to roll back a story and did it conveniently right before everyone went off, reported on a fake meeting with the EPA and Dow Chemical. They put out a clarification conveniently right before the holiday weekend."

Asked to respond, Kohn lit into McEnany.

"I actually can't believe any of this is happening," Kohn responded. "It was Donald Trump who said that Barack Obama wasn't a citizen of this country. It was Republicans who said he had a Kenyan colonialist mind-set and questioned his legitimacy to even be in the White House. Had President Obama gone to a veterans event, Kayleigh, and used that event to attack the media, you'd be all over it with anger."

As McEnany attempted to interrupt, Kohn cut her off short.

"No, no, no. You got to talk, it's my turn now," Kohn blurted. "So I can't believe you can defend this. Really? Is there no -- my question is, is there no line? If that had been a picture not of the CNN logo but an individual or Jake Tapper's head he was punching would that cross a line for you? A picture of Donald Trump holding a bloodied CNN logo? When is it across the line?"

McEnany fired right back mentioning CNN contributor Kathy Griffin's photo shoot where she held up a fake bloodied head resembling Trump. She then tried to dismiss Trump's tweet as a joke.

"People have to have a sense of humor," she offered. "If you have any ounce of comedic laughter in you, you'll realize that this was a moment of levity. This was a joke, we all know wrestling is fake."

"This is not okay," Kohn shot right back. "It is not okay. It's not okay for you to defend it. It's not okay for him to do it or okay for our kids to grow up in a country where this is how the president of United States behaves and we shouldn't defend this at all.

"It's not funny -- it's scary. We have a mounting crisis of violence and hate in this country and the president is contributing to it," Kohn concluded.

You can watch the video below via CNN: