Trump pushes Fox & Friends news alert as proof that Russia hates him in 'Witch hunt!' Twitter rant
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

President Donald Trump jump-started his regular Saturday morning Twitter binge by re-tweeting out a Fox News alert that he claims shows the Russians opposed his election.

After a tumultuous week that saw White House in-fighting break into the open that resulted in the dismissal of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Trump returned to normalcy by speaking up on Twitter.

The president, who clams that he doesn't watch much TV, used his Twitter account to promote a tweet from his favorite news program, Fox & Friends.

"Firm behind anti-Trump dossier also worked for Russia, Senate witness says," the Fox & Friends social media account asserted.

The president added, without providing any particulars: "In other words, Russia was against Trump in the 2016 Election - and why not, I want strong military & low oil prices. Witch Hunt!"

Trump later complained about Democrats controlling the country despite a Republicans holding both houses of Congress and the White House, writing: "Republican Senate must get rid of 60 vote NOW! It is killing the R Party, allows 8 Dems to control country. 200 Bills sit in Senate. A JOKE!"

You can see the Tweets below: