Trump-themed floats inspired by 'grab 'em by the p****' and JFK's murder anger Illinoisans on July 4th
US President Donald Trump speaks during a joint press conference with the Palestinian leader at the presidential palace in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on May 23, 2017 (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

At West Peoria, Illinois' annual Fourth of July parade, multiple provocative takes on President Donald Trump drew the ire of residents and spectators.

According to the Peoria Journal Star, two separate groups decided to dress as Trump for the occasion. The first rode in on the back a Cadillac convertible with a woman meant to resemble First Lady Melania Trump in an obvious allusion to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The woman dressed as Melania wore a pink pillbox hat, another reference to the outfit worn by former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

The second featured more than one Trump-doppelgänger -- instead, there were multiple men dressed as the president who were raising a flag in allusion to the famous photo captured at Iwo Jima. Astride them were "two women in a cage wearing cat ears next to a sign that read, 'Grab that pussycat. Build that wall,'" the Journal Star report said.

On the back of the aforementioned "grab that pussycat" float, a man in a nude bodysuit wearing a Trump mask sat on a gold-painted toilet. Alongside him was a Trump mannequin in a bathtub full of fake money.

According to officials who spoke to the Journal Star, city employees received a "barrage" of calls about the floats, the majority of which were displeased or upset.

The person behind the JFK-inspired Trump float took credit for the prank, but the identity of the second float's designer and participants hasn't yet been revealed.

Check out images of the controversial floats below via Twitter.