WATCH: Trump greeted by Confederate flag during speech in Poland
Polish crowd member waves Confederate fag (CNN)

President Donald Trump was met Thursday in Poland by cheering crowds bussed in for the occasion, and one of those well-wishers waved a Confederate flag.

Trump praised the Polish spirit after summing up the nation's horrific experience in World War II as "trouble" and "tough," as crowds provided by the Polish government cheered and chanted in approval.

A crowd shot broadcast by CNN, as the network awaited the president's speech, clearly showed one of those Polish crowd members waving a Confederate battle flag.

It's not clear who the person was or why they were waving the flag, which many Americans associate with slavery, racism and treason.

"Fox & Friends" approvingly noted the enthusiastic response to Trump's speech, including chants of "USA," but didn't note reports that crowd members were instructed to cheer by the Polish government to flatter the U.S. president.