'Why waste time and money': Maryland attorney general calls BS on Republican voter fraud commission
Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh (Photo: Screen capture)

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is not happy with Republicans like Jay Ashcroft, who told CNN's Chris Cuomo Wednesday he's turning over the voter information of Missouri citizens.

During an interview with Alisyn Camerota, Frosh alleged the GOP is doing nothing more than attempting to suppress voters.

“I think they ought to focus on real problems," Frosh said. "They should stop wasting taxpayer money and engaging in this massive effort that is designed only to stop people from voting rather than encouraging them to vote. That’s what democracy is about. We want people to participate. This goes the wrong way.”

When asked to respond directly to Ashcroft's comments, Frosh disagreed with the assessment that the voter information is "publicly available."

"Some of it's publicly available and some of it is not," Frosh began. "And in combination, it is not publicly available. And the real purpose of is voter intimidation. They want to make sure that people think twice before they vote. That's not what America is about. We want to encourage people to vote, and I think the purpose of this, besides indulging the president's fantasy, is to stop people from voting. If they have a criminal history, they've had a brush with the law, if they've recently immigrated to the United States and a United States citizen, they want to make hem think twice before they exercise their constitutional franchise."

The commission's own chair, Kris Kobach of Kansas, revealed that he will not give up his state's data either.

Watch the full exchange below:

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