Dan Rather: Trump's pro-Confederate rants are glorifying 'the greatest band of traitors' in US history
Dan Rather speaking at SXSW 2017

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather on Thursday unleashed another broad tirade against President Donald Trump, this time for his attempts to glorify the Confederacy.

On Thursday morning, Trump again made the argument that it was wrong to take down memorials to Confederate politicians and generals on the grounds that next people would demand the removal of statues for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Rather slammed this as yet another example of Trump creating false moral equivalences.

"In another Twitter rant this morning, Mr. Trump has tripled down, quadrupled down (haven't we lost count by now) on his morally bankrupt false equivalence between not only Nazis, anti-Semites, other racists, and the counter-protesters," he wrote. "But he's now equating the greatest band of traitors in American history with our Founding Fathers."

Rather argued that, although Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, they were also men who created the foundation of America's representative government, which has held together for 241 years.

Confederate generals such as Robert E. Lee, meanwhile, are primarily known for fighting a war to keep people held in bondage.

"No Robert E. Lee and George Washington are not in the same category," explained Rather. "Go to Mt. Vernon and you will learn about a heroic but tragically flawed man who could not escape the deep prejudices of his time even as he wrestled with their moral injustices. Head to the monuments of the Confederacy and you will see only the exultations of those who sought to tear the United States asunder so they could keep in place a cruel bondage of their fellow human beings."

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