Dems conducting opposition research on Pence and Haley -- as GOP likely to primary Trump in 2020
President Donald Trump (L) and vice president Mike Pence (AFP Photo/Drew Angerer)

Given President Donald Trump's historically low approval ratings, it's possible that some Republican will run a primary challenge against him in 2020.

Politico reports that Democrats are already gearing up for this possibility by conducting opposition research on potential GOP primary challengers on the assumption that Trump will not get any more popular between now and 2020.

Among other things, Democrats are conducting research on Vice President Mike Pence, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) as potential general election campaign opponents.

"With Trump’s tumultuous presidency in complete chaos, we are prepared for all scenarios," DNC research director Lauren Dillon told the publication.

However, aides to potential Republican challengers mocked the Democrats' efforts and hinted that any primary challenge to Trump in 2020 was nothing more than a fantasy.

"I think the Democrats would be better served coming up with a better economic policy rather than planning to rely on Trump's unpopularity," said Kasich aide John Weaver.

"How Democrats waste their money is up to them, but this is pretty funny," Sasse spokesman James Wegmann told Politico.