'Donald has no principles -- no moral core': Biographer warns Trump is just a 'con man' at heart
Daily Beast columnist David Cay Johnston (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's biographer-turned-foe blasted the lack of morality the president seems to have during an appearance on MSNBC Friday.

David Cay Johnston explained that Trump's press conference in which he "spoke from the heart" was probably true, "to the extend he has one."

"It came from the heart, to the extent he has one," Johnston said. "The earlier statement he read was like a hostage video. You saw the real Donald Trump come out and he says 'I'm the least racist person you've ever met.' Well, Steve, I'm the youngest person you've ever had on this show. Donald, his entire life, has been involved with discrimination. He and his father were sued 44 years ago for discrimination in housing. It was found by Casino regulators that he discriminated against blacks, women and Asians. And he's made all sorts of awful racist statements including the stuff he said this week which was full of vile racism."

Johnston brought up Trump's father, who was arrested in 1927 in a battle between about 1,000 KKK members and police. His father was arrested but never charged.

Looking back at 2000 when Trump denounced the Reform Party for having David Duke join the party. Host Steve Kornacki wondered how he could say this in 2000 but say something totally different in 2017.

"Donald has no principles," Johnston explained. "There's no moral core to this man. He will say and do whatever gets his interests at the moment. Donld at heart a con artist. He has conned banks into giving him money and said 'I knew I wouldn't to have pay they will back.' He's conned many, many small businesses to do work and then didn't pay them. If I turned out tomorrow it would be good for Donald's career to go to a Mosque, you would see him do that. He does whatever in the moment he thinks will advance his interests. He's not a strategic thinker, Steve, this is important. He doesn't think ahead two, three, five steps. When he embraces the faction of the Muslim religion in his trip to Saudi Arabia, he doesn't think through what that means to others in the Muslim world and particularly Qatar where we have our most important military base in the Middle East. And all of that is because he doesn't know anything. He just instincts from which he operates."

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