Eric Bolling allegedly sent unsolicited d*ck pics to at least three female colleagues: report
Fox News host Eric Bolling (Fox News)

Fox News' sexual harassment training seems to have faltered again

.According to the Huffington Post, Fox News host Eric Bolling allegedly sent unsolicited photos of his penis to at least three female coworkers -- two at Fox Business and one at Fox News.

The three women in question all independently confirmed the accusations to HuffPost (who is withholding their identities), four others confirmed to HuffPost that they'd seen the offending messages and an additional eight confirmed that they'd heard about the messages.

The women said they concluded the messages, which were sent separately and at various times over the past several years, came from Bolling based on seeing his phone number in various group text messages.

Bolling once referred to former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) as a "sick human being" for sending sexual text messages to an underage girl in 2014, and in 2015 got into a Twitter fight with Weiner over the former congressman's accidentally-posted underwear photos on Twitter.

In similar irony, he also asked this question:

Fox News contacted Raw Story with the following statement: “We were just informed of this late Friday afternoon via a Huff Post inquiry and plan to investigate the matter.”