‘Fight or die white man’: Confederacy advocates proclaim they intend to secede -- again
Southerners rally for succession, photo via the League of the South Facebook page.

The League of the South wants to secede again and restore the Confederate States of America, potentially triggering a second Civil War.

The group has erected billboards that said "SECEDE" in several states, and it even has its own banner — a black and white version of the familiar Confederate battle flag, minus the stars," the Associated Press reports. "Secession also finds support on some websites that support white nationalism, including Occidental Dissent, run by a Hill associate, and the openly racist, anti-Semitic Daily Stormer."

In a Facebook post titled, "fight or die white man," League of the South President Michael Hill wrote, "what we Southern nationalist seek is nothing less than the complete reconquest and restoration of our patrimony--the whole, entire South. And that means the South will once again be in name and in actuality White Man's Land."

For generations, prominent southerns have sought rationalization for the Confederacy succession in defense of slavery, which result in the Civil War.

Last month, Hill admitted last month they have had a problem retaining members.

"The League has lost some "weak sisters" lately because of our stand in favor of the South as White Man's Land, participation in the Nationalist Front, and our continuing expose' of the Jew as an ancient and implacable enemy of our people and civilization If you are a "weak sister" who cannot stand to be called a racist, anti-Semite, xenophobe, white supremacist, or any of the other epithets the left throws at us, then you don't belong in The League of the South," Hill wrote. "The time has come for The League to get strong for battle through the process of "addition by subtraction." Those who are timid and embrace failed half-measures are excess baggage we do not need and will not keep."

The League of the South and associated Southern Defense Force (SDF) is participating in tomorrow's "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA and is telling members to prepare for violence.

"Engage in violence, and at the proper level, only in defense of your own person, that of your compatriots, and your property," Hill wrote. "Stand your ground, speak your mind, and proclaim your message, but do not initiate physical contact with anyone who opposes you."

Hill is mentioned as a speaker at the supremacist and alt-Right rally.

"If Trump's enemies win, they will be coming for blood. If they lose, they will be coming for blood," Hill posted on election day, 2016. "And that's fine with us in The League. We have prepared for this day."

Estimates are that as many as one million died in the Civil War with hundreds of thousands more wounded.