GOP advisor Rick Wilson: McMaster attacks being pushed by White House alt-right aides consumed with antisemitism
Conservative commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, GOP strategist Rick Wilson said that the attacks on National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster are being coordinated by President Donald Trump advisers with a white nationalist agenda.

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, Wilson explained that some of Trump's close aides are not pleased that the president is being reined in former military mean including McMaster and new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

"You have this coordination where Breitbart went after H.R. McMaster and their headline was 'NSC purge, McMaster deeply hostile to Israel and to Trump' -- trying to paint him as anti-Israel," Reid suggested. "Interestingly enough, Donald Trump's reaction to that was a statement which he said General McMaster and I working well together and he's very pro-Israel and I'm grateful for the work he continues to to do. What do you make of that?"

"Well, I think that is a sign that General Kelly, [Defense secretary] General Mattis and H.R. McMaster are forming an axis of adults and telling Donald Trump that game- time is over with this silly inside-the-White House alt-right conspiracy group that had been leaking like crazy to the lunatics on the Info-Wars side of the fence," Wilson explained. "And it's interesting also that these guys got a pushback from the very top. It's caused a great rift inside of the alt-right where Donald Trump has said McMaster is good with me and I'm good with him."

"All these guys expected the play the same games they've been trying to play of revving up the frog meme guys and moving that up the weird chain of the alt-right to Fox and having it blasted out by Fox and by Rush [Limbaugh] and all that," he continued. "All those folks, they thought that would keep working and the grown-ups have put the brakes on this thing hard."

Asked about talking points that McMaster is being linked to the "Deep State," Wilson claimed it was tied to Richard Hofstader's "paranoid style" which has underpinnings in antisemitism.

"There's always a sort of underpinning in our society of concern about unaccountability in government," Wilson explained. "And the fact that it's moved over to the right tells you a lot and the fact that they believe the deep state opposes all these baroque conspiracy theories whether it's the international jewish conspiracy which is right under the surface of all these things, on the cover of the McMaster website that was set up, they go after George Soros basically as the Jewish banker controlling McMaster."

"All these things have a paranoid streak and deeply freaked out sort of fantasy, this dark fantasy world that doesn't really exist," He continued. "The folks in the quote 'deep state' are the by and large American patriots who are seeing there's vast Russian influence over the Trump administration."

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