'I am no coward': Neo-Nazi whines he has been 'crucified by Jewish media' after crying video goes viral
Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell (Vice.com/Screenshot)

A neo-Nazi who participated in the "Unite the Right" Charlottesville rally insists he isn't a coward despite video that shows him crying.

Christopher Cantwell -- a 36-year-old self-proclaimed fascist -- recently recorded video of himself discussing the fact that a warrant was issued for his arrest after the rally in Virginia. That video, in which Cantwell wipes away tears as he talks about the events that occurred during and after the violent rally, quickly went viral.

But now the neo-Nazi from New Hampshire is fighting against claims of cowardice.

"Please be careful. I'm willing to fight and die with you. I'm not a coward. But we are not prepared for the conflict we are about to walk into," he wrote in a message on the social network Gab.

"Yeah, cause cowards and feds always jump into brawls risking life, limb, and liberty for the white race," Cantwell also wrote.

On his personal website, he claimed to be just "outside of Virginia, preparing to turn myself in to the University of Virginia Police." Cantwell also complained that many of his online accounts had been deactivated or suspended -- including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and PayPal.

"Money is not easy either," he wrote. "PayPal was the most important part of my financial life, and it has now shut me out."

Cantwell -- who once said his goal was to "normalize racism" -- said the media and businesses were treating him unfairly.

"I have had no trial, no process of any kind, I have only been crucified by Jewish media and financial outlets for daring to suggest white people have a right to exist, to have a history, to have a culture, and to have a nation."

Cantwell was also recently featured in a Vice.com video about Charlottesville, where he complained that President Donald Trump wasn't racist enough.

Cantwell did not respond to a request for comment.