'Is he in kindergarten?': CNN guest rips Republican for giving Trump's Boston response a 'gold star'
Tara Setmayer and Ben Ferguson on CNN (Screen capture)

Trump booster Ben Ferguson -- no relation to this reporter -- got called out on CNN for his ridiculously "low bar" for President Donald Trump and his response to the march in Boston on Saturday.

Trump followed up an afternoon tweet calling Boston's anti-racist counter-protesters "anti-police agitators" by another message praising them for standing up against racism. ABC News contributor and lifelong conservative Tara Setmayer said she wasn't impressed, especially given that his first tweet was so clearly something he was repeating that he'd seen on Fox News.

"Of course we should applaud the police" and nonviolent protesters, said Setmayer. "Those are givens."

But the president, she said, "has to get his dig in there" against the people protesting from the left.

"I'm glad he was able to clean it up at the end," she said, "but the problem is he loses credibility with the impulsive tweets at first."

Anchor Ana Cabrera asked Ferguson whether the president is doing everything he can to mend the wounds he opened at his bonkers press conference last Tuesday.

"I think we should give credit when someone's words change compared to maybe what he was saying last weekend," Ferguson said. "I think what he said today was exactly the right tone."

"The bar is so low," said Setmayer.

"Today is a day when you encourage him" for doing the right thing, Ferguson insisted.

"What is he, in kindergarten?" scoffed Setmayer. "He needs his gold star because he actually said the right thing today as president after he gets schooled? Come on, Ben."

Watch the video, embedded below: