'Screech's older and racist brother.': Trump aide Stephen Miller gets mocked over immigration meltdown
Samuel "Screech" Powers of "Saved by the Bell" (left) and White House aide Stephen Miller (right). Images via screengrab/Youtube.

Trump aide Stephen Miller’s raucous arguments at a White House press briefing on Wednesday was sure to ruffle some feathers -- and, predictably, the Internet had a lot to say about it.

During Wednesday's briefing, Miller and CNN's Jim Acosta got into it over President Donald Trump's controversial new immigration policy and the meaning of the "huddled masses" quote engraved on the Statue of Liberty. Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about it.

"Stephen Miller proves that if you don't want your new immigration plan to be called racist, don't let it be presented by a creepy racist," actor John Fugelsang tweeted.

"Poor Stephen Miller is getting very upset," another user wrote. "Its really hard when the facts, data and truth are not on your side Stephen."

Check out the best responses to Miller's "garbage" response below.