'This is the face of fascism': Bush ethics czar blames Trump's far-right staffers for Charlottesville riot
Richard Painter on AM Joy -- MSNBC screenshot

A panel discussion on MSNBC's AM Joy on the violence in the streets in the city of Charlottesville turned to the root causes of the rise of white nationalism under President Donald Trump.

"This is the face of fascism, this is Breitbart news," declared former Bush era ethics czar Richard Painter.

As live video of the clashes showed on the split screen, Painter lashed out at President Donald Trump and called for him to fire White House advisers Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.

"I don't always agree with everything the Republican administrations do but we have never ever seen rhetoric similar to what has come out of this White House," the clearly disgusted Painter said. "We never had anyone like Steve Bannon or Sebastian Gorka in the Bush White House, to that president's inauguration."

"That is disgusting. We never would have tolerated that and we can disagree," he continued. "I disagree with my own party on some issues, but we never would have had any of this in the Bush White House and these people need to be fired immediately. This is Breitbart News, and Breitbart News is a racist organization and it needs to acknowledge as such, they should not be given preferential access to the White House which is what they're now getting under Steve Bannon."

"Bannon needs to be fired, Sebastian Gorka and the rest of the fascists or we have to remove this president," he said while indicating the violence.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: